How to Win Her Heart – 5 Ideas that Might Help You Become an Effective Date

You asked her for a date. She said “Yes”! But wait, it’s your first time. You are clueless about your gestures for your upcoming date. You are worried that it might turn out bad. And worst, you are skeptic to pursue such affair. But before doing that, let this be your help. Consider these ideas that might help you become an effective date, or be someone’s ideal guy for both affection and relationship.

1. Pick her up


This is probably the most common gesture a man should do whenever he invites a woman over a date. Be in her place 15 minutes prior to the agreed time. Be punctual as possible. This will propel that emerging intimacy between the two of you.

2. Wear your best attire


Be at your best attire but don’t overdress. You should look smooth and attractive. But just one reminder: dress to fit. You should also consider the theme of your date. If it’s in a conservative or elegant dinner in a restaurant, wear something formal – at least. If it’s a sports affair, wear something loose or casual. You might not wear a suit if you’re going on a date situated in a mountain, right? Fit well. Always remember that whatever you wear reflects what kind of person you are. If you want an electrifying influence to your woman, an ecstatic look toward her, wear yourself your own personality.

3. Bring her presents


Let’s make use of the traditional style of dating. You pick her up, then buy her a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. But this isn’t really necessary. It all depends on the girl you are dating with or your own style of surprising her.  Also consider the scenario or theme of the date you’re having.

4. Be patient


Girls are hard to understand sometimes. This is evident in cases like ordering for food. You ask her what she wants to eat, she replies – “Anything”. Then you ordered something in her behalf. When the food is served, she says – “I don’t like this”. Guys, be patient! Girls’ minds are hard to read; however, you don’t need to read their thoughts, not that you can! Just be patient and this will open more chances in dating her again.

5. Listen to her


Girls talk a lot and even shares everything even if it’s not really that interesting. They laugh a lot and talk about their lives, childhood or even their wildest memories. So listen to her; just listen to her and respond whenever it’s needed. Respect her and don’t even try to cut her off. This will allow you to delve more about her and on what kind of woman she really is. This will give you the opportunity to know the woman of your dreams and hopefully get another chance to hang out with her again.

All the tips given may be helpful but it will always depend on you with what ways you are going to take into account with, especially in achieving a successful date. Apply these and I promise, you’ll definitely be someone’s ideal man for something really special and above more – true love, a new love.

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