The perfect match

Where can I find her?

Where do I find the perfect match? Online? In a bar? She’s probably out there somewhere you just haven’t found her yet.

Some people are happy by just being single, while others want to find their perfect match to be happy. We just want to end up with someone who’ll love us and who’ll be there for us through thick and thin. We need somebody to lean on.

Close your eyes and picture yourself out being genuinely happy with the one you love, with the woman of your dreams. Raising a family together, sleeping next to her every night and waking up next to her the next morning. Having coffee during cold nights and eating breakfast together during sunny mornings. Going on road trips with your kids, traveling the world together and just doing everything together. Imagine how happy you would be, doing the things you love with the person you love.

“I don’t need someone to be happy”  True, but being with someone you love and being with someone who loves you completely will make you twice as happy. It really depends with the person.

Studies show that people who are married live longer and have higher happiness levels. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no problem in being single, some people are happy staying single. But some people prefer being in a relationship because it makes them 100x happier. Being in love and staying in love brings joy to their lives.

Finding the perfect match also can help us be better. Love is very powerful that we want to change for that certain person and give up our bad habits to make another person happy.

We have a sense of motivation. Our other half will motivate us to get things done or maybe even get things done together. She will be your support system and will lend you a helping hand.

Tough times are easier to deal with. Having her by your side and knowing that the person has your back no matter what, will make things feel lighter. She will be there through good times and bad times.

Learn and Grow. You will learn a lot of things; may it be about her or just new things in life. You will grow together and you will grow as person.

And finally, to have children and create a loving family. Although parenting can be quite challenging, it can be deeply satisfying at the same time. Facing those challenges together is a wonderful thing too. When you think you have no one, you always have your family because Family will always be there.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to find your perfect match. There are a million ways to find her. She could be your neighbor, an office mate, a friend or someone you haven’t met yet. She could be in a dating site. They say love comes to those who wait. I say sometimes love comes to those who try.

Life can be a really tough roller coaster ride sometimes and it’s better to have someone to share that ride with.


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