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Beautiful couple in a restaurantWith a lot of dating advice flooding the internet, sometimes we get too overwhelmed on what to do and what to follow. Yes, it is very expedient to have a successful first date that’s why we delve into the web for guides and resources.

For your convenience, here are some ways or tips on how to make a good impression on your date.

Dress Appropriately.

Dressing appropriately for your first date is as important as attending a job interview. This really matters. Remember that what you wear reflects what kind of person you are. If you wear with elegance, that means you are a respected or a responsible person. If you wear something more chill, that means you are an outgoing person. This affects the first impression of your date. Whether it’s a date in a restaurant, hiking, movie dates, or in a sports affair, choosing the best outfit to wear is something you should consider. Why is this so? Well, if you are trying to show that you are a great catch, then this should be of great importance. But make sure what you wear fits to where you’re going. Perhaps, nobody wears a hiking shorts or boots in a romantic restaurant, right? Or wears a “tuxedo” when hiking on the first date. This is very applicable to both men and women. Remember to dress appropriately.

“I don’t care. You decide. Whatever is fine”.

This suits mostly for girls. There are a lot of instances wherein a couple argues just because of someone’s trait of not being decisive. Say a guy asked you for a date. Eventually, you said “YES”. Then he asked you where do you want to go, you said the famous line, “I don’t care. You decide. Wherever is fine”. Then you meet and went into this place. But he noticed you are acting like you don’t like the place, that you don’t go to such place. Now, you sunken the good-to-be mood. Where’s the justice? Here’s another example: You went into this beautiful restaurant; everything’s seems so good already. Then the waiter came and asked for your order. Eventually, being a gentleman, he asked you first what you want to eat, then again you said the famous line, “I don’t care. You decide. Whatever is fine”. So respecting what you said, he ordered this and this. When the food was set up already, you told him you don’t eat such. Now the atmosphere became blurry. What a fail on your date. Choosing to be verbal on what you want allows your partner to know your decisive and interesting side. This will increase your relationship status and boost your confidence to each other. Remember to speak up if being asked about your preference. This involves choosing a place to go or even the food you enjoy eating. If you speak up, what a wonderful date would that be! Remember to fit well.

Chivalry is not dead.

Gentlemen as it is. Yes, on every first date being a gentleman is a must for guys. This is a very pleasing way on how to make a good impression to the ladies. In dating, acting like you respect your partner is as important as respecting your guardians. This will also show what kind of man you are. This will show that you are a reliable and a responsible person. With a lot of stories being heard worldwide, chivalry is often tagged as dead already. But in a much clearer sense, it is still alive! This aspect is what made a man known to ladies, in short, this is who they are. This action might not be shown in a prince charming type, still, the act is there whether it is poorly executed or overacted. Remember: fit well.

Focus on your purpose.

Let’s accept the fact that after a date something might come up between a couple. It could be a nightstand or a casual hook up. Yes, in our society it is already acceptable. It is acceptable but in every date lies an expectation of a firmer relationship. While there a lot of purposes in a date, let’s not forget the real thing expected to such action. This is to have a serious relationship or having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Focusing on your purpose helps you have a vision of clearer and brighter future as companions. Focusing on your purpose helps you attain what you’ve been looking for which is to end your single life, have a successful marriage in your timetable. Focusing on your purpose helps you have a soulful, emotional, happy date. Please do not think about having a make out after each date, yes some guys love doing this but remember your purpose. Once you set your eyes to your purpose, you will have a great impression on the girls. This makes you lovable also. This is one advice you could fully consider with a lot of dating advice waving on the internet. Remember to fit well.







If it’s worth it. Fight for it.

People often say there’s no such thing as forever. Couples break-up and people give up. But love actually lasts if you make it last. It depends on how a person handles a relationship.


When you’re in a relationship, you always have to meet halfway with your partner. Learn how to give and take. Keep in mind that it’s a two-way process. You know what they say, it takes two to tango. In other words, think about your partner too.


The problem with some people, they stop doing the things to get them once they have them. Just because you’ve been together for a long time, doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing the things you did before. BE CONSISTENT! Open the door for her, make your partner smile and take your partner on a date.


Show him you love him/her by doing something special once in a while. Cook for your partner, ask how his/her day went. Remind your partner everyday that you love him/her


Honesty should always be present in a relationship. Tell him/her why you’re mad. Tell him/her if you’re pissed off. Being open will also help you know each other more.


Don’t let your pride take over. Say sorry IF IT’S YOUR FAULT. Talk things over and don’t go to sleep mad at each other.


Listen to what your partner has to say. Learn to listen to each other’s side of the story and try to understand and prevent miscommunication.

Lastly, what it takes to get someone is EFFORT and what it takes to keep someone is EFFORT.


Relationships don’t have to end if both of you will try.

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When you hear “dating site” what comes to your mind? Some think negatively when it comes to meeting people online.

But this guy right here believes he can find the right one on a dating site.

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maxresdefault (1)

Asia is the world’s largest continent. Aside from its delicious food and beautiful sceneries, Asia has beautiful people too.

Asian Women are known for having a pretty face and a slender body. A lot of these Asian women are successful in their career, may it be modeling, singing and even acting. Let’s not forget, they’ve won pageant titles too! Asian women are to die for and I’d date them if I were you!

Dating an Asian woman is different from what you’re used to. Here are a few tips when dating an Asian chick:

Before dating an Asian, find an Asian

You can find her in a mall, in a gym, in a library, in a restaurant (they love food) or the easiest way to find them is on a dating site. When you find the girl you like, talk to her BUT always remember to show respect. You can compliment her but DO NOT BE RUDE (never say sexual things). Asian women love to talk about different things like food, fashion, or beautiful places and they’d love it even more if the guy had a good sense of humor.

First Date

After days of getting to know her, chatting with her, talking to her. Invite her on a date! Spice things up. The best way to get to know each other more is a face-to-face conversation. Make sure you let her talk too, don’t bore her. On your date, be a gentleman, Asian women like guys who show respect. Be sweet but not too sweet. Make sure you’ll get that second date!

When it comes to a relationship

If she’s ready to take it to the next level, go for it! Treat her well. When it comes to a relationship, understanding each other is very important, so you need to know about her culture, what she likes, her beliefs and everything about her. You need to communicate, to be able to understand each other, communication is important as well. Be comfortable with her. Be honest and never lie! A relationship is NOT about playing games, if you court her, make sure you’re serious about her and you see her in your future.

Last but not the least…Marriage

Asian women are family oriented, they make the perfect bride. If you’ve gone this far, then you’re really lucky to marry an Asian girl. They’re a loving mother and a loving wife at the same time. You may not always agree with each other, but

Asian women, they’re beautiful inside and out!






Online dating has been viewed negatively by other people. But for me, there is really nothing wrong with meeting people online and getting to know them and finally meeting them in person. If you click, you click.

Online dating sites give people more access to find the right partner for them. This is true for people who have a particular type, a foreign woman for example (Russian Woman, Latin Woman or Asian Woman).

Another good thing about online dating is, you’ll probably find the perfect match. Some dating sites provide personality testing and other than that you can see the person’s profile first and check their interests before even interacting with them. This will then serve as a guide if you can be compatible with each other.

Your communication is safe and convenient. Before meeting your potential partner, you have to get to know her first. Know what she’s like, know what she likes and you have to know about her lifestyle. Communicating online is safe and convenient in a way you don’t have to risk much time and you can talk to them anytime/ anywhere.

No more guessing. With the help of online dating sites, you can be specific with your needs and wants before even meeting someone. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect match who has the same interests as you.

Online dating, therefore, is the best source to find the potential partner. Keeping in mind that your main goal is to meet that potential partner in person and finally dating them in person.

My thoughts about online dating? It’s safe and convenient and can definitely help you in your search for the right one, the perfect bride!

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Have you ever considered yourself dating someone who has a different culture? A foreign woman to be exact.

Meeting and attracting foreign ladies is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. You need to keep in mind that you should always be patient as to the approach that you’re used to may not be as effective as before.

Where do I meet these women?


The good thing about traveling is that you will gain new experiences and wonderful opportunities and make unforgettable memories. The best part about traveling is MEETING FOREIGN WOMEN and learning about their culture at the same time. When you travel, make sure you live in an area where there’s a night life, fun activities, and good restaurant. This will make it easier for you to meet the woman of your dreams.


There are a lot of dating apps and dating sites wherein you can meet beautiful foreign ladies. This is the best place to meet cool women in different countries. You just have to create your profile and find your match. A dating site that I’d recommend is A NEW LOVE. A new love has helped countless of men find the girl of their dreams and most of these men are now happily married.

What should I do?

Before dating these women it’s nice to learn basic phrases in their language. This will give them a good impression about you and will give you an edge. What’s more attractive than a man who made an effort learning the language, right? You also need to learn about their culture and adjust. This is really important because your practices may not be acceptable for them. This will also show that you respect the girl and their culture as well and never forget, BE A GENTLEMAN. Despite what women believe in and despite their culture and language differences, all women want to date a guy who is respectful and has principles.