How to Win Her Heart – 5 Ideas that Might Help You Become an Effective Date

You asked her for a date. She said “Yes”! But wait, it’s your first time. You are clueless about your gestures for your upcoming date. You are worried that it might turn out bad. And worst, you are skeptic to pursue such affair. But before doing that, let this be your help. Consider these ideas that might help you become an effective date, or be someone’s ideal guy for both affection and relationship.

1. Pick her up


This is probably the most common gesture a man should do whenever he invites a woman over a date. Be in her place 15 minutes prior to the agreed time. Be punctual as possible. This will propel that emerging intimacy between the two of you.

2. Wear your best attire


Be at your best attire but don’t overdress. You should look smooth and attractive. But just one reminder: dress to fit. You should also consider the theme of your date. If it’s in a conservative or elegant dinner in a restaurant, wear something formal – at least. If it’s a sports affair, wear something loose or casual. You might not wear a suit if you’re going on a date situated in a mountain, right? Fit well. Always remember that whatever you wear reflects what kind of person you are. If you want an electrifying influence to your woman, an ecstatic look toward her, wear yourself your own personality.

3. Bring her presents


Let’s make use of the traditional style of dating. You pick her up, then buy her a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. But this isn’t really necessary. It all depends on the girl you are dating with or your own style of surprising her.  Also consider the scenario or theme of the date you’re having.

4. Be patient


Girls are hard to understand sometimes. This is evident in cases like ordering for food. You ask her what she wants to eat, she replies – “Anything”. Then you ordered something in her behalf. When the food is served, she says – “I don’t like this”. Guys, be patient! Girls’ minds are hard to read; however, you don’t need to read their thoughts, not that you can! Just be patient and this will open more chances in dating her again.

5. Listen to her


Girls talk a lot and even shares everything even if it’s not really that interesting. They laugh a lot and talk about their lives, childhood or even their wildest memories. So listen to her; just listen to her and respond whenever it’s needed. Respect her and don’t even try to cut her off. This will allow you to delve more about her and on what kind of woman she really is. This will give you the opportunity to know the woman of your dreams and hopefully get another chance to hang out with her again.

All the tips given may be helpful but it will always depend on you with what ways you are going to take into account with, especially in achieving a successful date. Apply these and I promise, you’ll definitely be someone’s ideal man for something really special and above more – true love, a new love.


Advantages of Dating Foreign Women and Why Choose Them


Nowadays, hundreds of men find themselves chatting foreign women in online dating sites or apps. This is not new to us anymore since the emergence of online dating in the internet and digital sphere. With the rapid growth of users across the globe, you cannot deny the negative reviews of these sites. But to ease that concern, why don’t we delve more of the advantages of dating foreign women? Why choose them?

  • A lot of options

You will have a lot of women to choose. This is inevitable with the hundreds of dating sites lurking in the internet. You can choose any race that you feel interesting to acquaint with. Whether they be from Asia, Europe, the Americas, or Africa, you can do so by just one click, or choosing for your own preference. Aside from that, you can decide more on the right person to communicate with.

  • Adapting new culture

Once you decided to meet a woman you chat online, expect to see a new culture. What’s the good thing with this is you get to adapt an international culture. For example, if you’ll meet a Colombian woman, then you might be exposed to dancing Southern American folk dances, like Salsa, which is also quite popular in Peru and Brazil. Aside from that, the country’s best – mostly food – all you can experience in discovering new culture in dating foreign women.

  • Travel to different countries

Dating foreign women means traveling to another country to meet them. You can’t consider having a serious relationship with them if you haven’t met them yet. This allows you also to visit some great destinations the country has to offer. Like in the Philippines, where some of the beautiful Asian women live, you’ll love sojourn to those beautiful islands the country is proud of.

  • Foreign women are hotter than your local women

This is clear with the beauty Asian women are proud of. Such as, the Bangkok women. These women are naturally gorgeous. They have exotic beauties that truly attracts men of western influence. They have slender, sexy bodies, enough to allure men who wish to date a foreign woman. If you need a far greater evidence for this, try checking out A New Love, where a home of beautiful and gorgeous foreign women listed on the site.

  • Marriage is long-lasting with foreign companions

Most foreign women are marriage-minded. This is applicable with the lowest rate of divorce involving foreign or interracial marriages. These women are family oriented, which allowed them to become marriage ideals for men looking for that long-lasting union – marriage. The traditions inscribed to these women presented them to be the ideal choices for someone’s quest for true love. For more details about these women’s worthiness for your companionship, try checking out A New Love. A legit dating site made to abridge gaps between foreign relationship and affection.

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Best Gifts to Send to Your Girl Abroad

When you’re in a long distance relationship, it is always a good gesture to send gifts to your partner. Especially on important occasions like Birthday, Valentine’s day, Christmas day and Anniversary. Although, it’s true that you can’t put material things and love into one category. But giving gifts just because you want to, is always a great way to show appreciation.

However, we often find ourselves in a dilemma. The dilemma of what to give her– what would be the best gift to give her? Will she like this gift? Here are some great gift suggestions to give your significant other.

Give Her a Book

Whether your girl loves to read or not, a good romantic novel or a collectible book is always a good option. You can also spice it up and make the book even more special by bookmarking and highlighting parts of the book. Let her know how you feel about her by allowing her to explore a good book.

Have Flowers delivered

Brighten up her day by sending her flowers. No girl can say no to flowers. A flower on its own speaks the language of love. There are a lot of delivery-websites that allows flower delivery to any destination– it’s an option that is convenient and cannot go wrong.

Send a Handwritten Letter

Effort is always better than any diamond and gold. Let your girl know what you feel about her in writing. Handwritten letters are not so common nowadays that its value is almost as good as a bouquet of flowers.

Give Her Something She can wear to Remind her of You

If you want to give her a gift where she can always bring around with her, an accessory is always a great way to go. A Necklace or a bracelet will allow her to be reminded of you which makes for a great gift.

Send Her a Stuffed Toy

Send your partner a stuffed toy that she can cuddle with when sleeping at night. With long distance, feeling lonely is natural. Gifting her something that will allow her to feel your presence, makes the stuffed toy a great gift. It will definitely help her feel at ease during bouts of lonely nights.

What is the Importance of Gifts in Long Distance Relationship?

While it is not easy to maintain a healthy relationship when distance exists, giving gifts occasionally becomes a great factor in keeping each side happy. Honesty, communication, and trust may be the most important part of maintaining your relationship, but every relationship could use some boost every now and then.

Your gift can signify all the things you think and want to say to your partner. And choosing the right gift becomes crucial.

It’s not always easy to give someone a gift, especially since each and everyone has their own preferences. If you are not sure of what’s the right one to choose yet sincerely wants to make her happy, consider this small list of recommendation.


She likes me, she likes me not, she likes me…

You already did your best. Now, what’s next? What should be done? How do we know if the woman is interested in you?

Here Are 10 Signs To Look Out For:

A woman seriously staring at a guy.

If you’re on a date with a girl and everything seems to be going smoothly, chances of them playing with her hair is high. Though sometimes it means nothing.

So, how does playing with her hair help you figure out if she’s into you?

It’s simple. When she plays with her hair accompanied with a sweet smile, that’s a clear sign of her flirting with you. When you notice her constantly fixing her hair, it’s a sign that they want to look good in front of you. These are clear signs that she’s into you.

A couple enjoying their drink.

Women have many ways in getting the attention of the person they like. These are two common things they like to do:

1. Sharing pictures with you.Through pictures, not only are they able to show you their wonderful moments captured, but will also allow you to know them better.

2. What they wear. In front of someone they like, they will undoubtedly dress up to impress. They’ll wear clothes where you will not be able to take your eyes off them.

When you notice she’s making effort in looking presentable in front of you, chances are, she’s into you.

A couple on a date.

A simple touch on your hand or shoulder means a lot. This means that she is comfortable around you. Ultimately, this also means that she trusts you enough. This is very evident if the touching improves to hugging.

A woman and man making a toast.

This is probably the main spice in creating a relationship. If you observe that she looks directly towards you, you’ll see the interest and affection from her eyes. A mutual eye contact without the feeling of awkwardness is a good indicator that the woman in front you, is into you.

A couple having fun.

You know she’s into you when she laughs even when you know your own joke is lame. A woman will always keep a smile on her face in front of someone they like. After all, a smile is the best accessory a human being can have.

A first time meeting.

Women do not compliment a lot. They are more likely to criticize. But if ever you got a compliment, or even a positive feedback, she is likely to continue dating you.

A conversation more like an interview.

There is a high chance the woman likes you once she wants to spend her free time with you. This conveys attraction, especially in choosing you as her companion.

A woman staring intently.

This is a typical sign that the woman likes you. Blushing is an involuntary action that happens in front of someone you like or starting to like– a woman’s body will always be honest.

A woman enjoying the conversation.

Creating a convenient atmosphere will lead to a conversation full of enjoyment. When a woman enjoys talking to you, she is loving your presence. This is a great sign since your presence is enough to make her happy. They also ask a lot of questions about your personal background. Women who keep on asking personal questions about you are those who are affectionate. Once they like the person, they tend to investigate about their date’s life and background.

Couple playing a console game.

Keeping these in mind will help you recognize a woman’s feelings for you. Once you feel an impression that a woman is acting based on what’s being listed above, there’s a high chance that she is into you.

It maybe odd for you to notice this but the outcome is great. Moreover, dating someone is an experience of a lifetime. You won’t know its effects until you learn to know the starting points of affection and attraction.

Set these as your standard know-how and learn more about the woman in front of you. Know the basis and fall in love!



Is she really the one?

The right one is hard to find but if you’ve found one, you’re sure to find a keeper. But how do you know if the one you’re dating is good for you?

Here are 10 signs for you that can help you determine if you’ve found the one.

Top 10 Signs to Know If You’ve Found THE ONE

man looking down on woman’s smiling face 

Compatibility is one of the most important factors in determining if a date or mate is good for you. Do things flow naturally between you two? Do you feel bright and happy with them?

High compatibility rating is a very good sign. Be sure it’s one of the first qualities you tick off your list. Having similar interests doesn’t distinguish compatibility alone, it’s about whether you’re both fine with each other’s quirks and habits, and are both happy to compromise.

Having good compatibility will make enjoyable companionship and can make or break a healthy relationship.

Is there a natural spark between the both of you?

Do you feel that you just “click,” relate to each other well, and “get” each other naturally without trying?

Chemistry is the magic that happens when two people are deeply attracted to each other. Magnetized by each other’s qualities, gestures, and feelings of having found the one.

While chemistry is not the only basis of a healthy relationship, it is a good indicator of a deep emotional connection between two people, which often greatly helps in a relationship’s longevity.

couple sitting on foam

Do you find yourself worrying about how you act, look and say when you’re around them? Or does letting them know everything about you feel right?

If you feel the slightest feeling of awkwardness or meeting to a certain unspoken standard, then chances are they may not be the best one for you.

You should feel at home when you’re with them. No pretense nor fear of exposing trivial bits of yourself that you may find undesirable. It’s a good sign that you most likely found your good mate when you can be yourself around them. But, it is advisable to take your time.

Trust should be built patiently, don’t rush it. This is just one of the few steps you need to take to determine if the one you’re with is the right one for you.

Are you with someone wherein people often ask if you two are in any way related? We’re not talking about physical looks alone, but also with behavior and habits.

Do you generally look harmonious together? If so, you’ve found a keeper. Most couples with great chemistry and compatibility start to look familiarly.

girl hugs man while man carrying kitten in left hand

When you like someone, caring comes naturally. You’ll know that your partner is a keeper when they also care for what you care about.

They don’t have to get involved with your problems but still tries their best to help you out. They’ll accept and understand your interests. They won’t ask you to change, instead, they compromise.

Supporting your partner is not an obligation nor a responsibility. It has to feel natural, you should WANT to support them.

Find someone who will support you a hundred percent. Someone who will naturally support your moral standards and believe in what you can do. If your partner makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do, chances are you’re with your future spouse.

Someone who deeply cares about you contributes happily to your well-being. They want you to be happy and have a great experience in life. They care about your future goals and what course you will take.

They will naturally encourage, nurture and help you get in the right track. They will support your need for a better change and will undoubtedly stay by your side. They will not force you to change, instead, help you in every step that you take.

girl hugs man while man carrying kitten in left hand 

Wanting to be with someone we care or like is natural. You know that your partner is a keeper when they make time for you even in their busy days.

You don’t have to ask for it, they will naturally and happily share their time with you. And ultimately, you’ll never feel lonely.

When someone deeply feels for you, they’d fight for you. It can be as simple as speaking positively about you in front of family and friends. Or defend you to those who doubts you.

When things get tough, they won’t give you up without a fight. They will fight to have you in their life even if it meant a significant change.

They genuinely believe you are worth fighting for.

couple resting their heads next to each other, back facing front at seashore

You know you’ve found a keeper when they involve you with their plans…

When someone cares about you, they will naturally want to experience everything with you. Whether it’s traveling to the countryside, a camping trip during the weekends, or having a meal, they’d most certainly make plans with you.

Your presence to them is important. Important enough that your decision and plans make an impact to theirs.

For them, things are more fun and meaningful with you around.





Couple Celebrating Anniversary Dining Concept

In need of a romantic place for your first date? Want to make your romance more memorable? Check out for various of romantic places to visit for your first date. This is where love starts and endings have no control.

Say, you already scored a date with someone you like, however, deciding the best place to go or must-do is vital.

Is this really important? Yes, it is!

Just consider these queries: How can I be more romantic with my date? How can I cherish the day with my date? What could I possibly do to fall in love?

Come on, guys?! Choosing properly for a place or must-do in dating is important! Choosing the best ideas to bring your date is a must!

For your convenience, here are some suggestions you might want to consider to have a memorable date.

Going On A Movie Date

Perhaps, this is the most go-to activity for a pair going on a date.

Asking someone for a movie date is interesting and exciting. But first of all, choosing for the kind of movie to watch is relevant. You might want to be romantic, so having to book for a romantic movie is an intelligent action. You could also choose to watch a romantic comedy type of movie wherein both of you will enjoy and it really does encourage intimacy.

While in the movie house, try to be a gentleman. Yes, most women love having your arms around them, so doing this is a plus. Have you heard about the famous: “stretching your arms and putting it around her”? If you’re not satisfied yet, you can also be more romantic by holding hands with your partner. But always remember, it’s your FIRST date. As much as possible, put some space.

Choosing to date in the movies for the first time is eliminating that big wall between the two of you. Whatever that type of movie you’re watching, still, it helps bridge the gap to partners. In addition; after the watching, you could start a conversation based on the movie you have seen. This way, you tend to be more comfortable and confident with your date.

This is a very effective way to start a special romance.

Dinner Date In A Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for formal dates and good food, this is a great option for you.

Creating a special bond with someone through a dinner date is definitely fulfilling. You get a chance to really talk as you enjoy a good food, allowing you to know each other better.

Choosing a classy restaurant helps men to impress their partners. With a restaurant’s cozy ambiance, violin playing or classical in the background, glittering lights above the tables, and delectable set of food, falling into deep affection will likely happen.

In addition, you’ll be tagged as a romantic person in a woman’s heart, which women prefer to have.

In choosing to date in a restaurant make sure to be prepared. Wearing your best suit is a hundred percent must. Looking handsome and radiant to your partner’s eyes is important. While it is true that setting up a date in a restaurant is quite expensive, it is still a great way to enjoy a night and experience fancy dating.

Cherishing a date in elegant dinings tends to be more traditional. It is the usual go-to-plan for a private and delightful rendezvous. Moreover, dinner dates in a restaurant is a smart choice and you get more focused on your date’s personal interests and likes.

Sports Affair

Say, you already knew her interests, and one of them is being involved with sports. And you heard about a sports event coming on the weekends. What should be done?

Bringing your date in a sporting event will surely eliminate that ice wall blocking between you and your company. This is also a romantic place where both of you have the same interest in sports. You tend to be more comfortable with each other.

This is also a way to be more communicative to your partner. In addition, you are her fellow fan every time the sport is on air or coming to take place in your area.

The fact that most women love football, and some of them have played the sport, is a glaring proof that dating or bringing these women into football affairs will give a good outcome. This form of date gives much importance in terms of establishing a good foundation in most relationships.

Most of the women like excitement. So inviting a date in a sport event is enticing for her. This action will lose the awkwardness upon your meetup. It does loosen the tension and sets the mood into a more open atmosphere. See? There will be no pressure anymore.

Whatever the sporting event might be, whether it’s NBA Game, Football, Hockey, or Rugby, still the excitement is there. This will initially open up possibilities leading to a firmer relationship. Well, if you are a guy who is more into lively dating than the traditional ones, setting up a date in a sporting affair is a perfect option for you.

Go On Hiking/Camping

You might be thinking about climbing or having a good picnic in the mountain, where you feel so relaxed and far from the busy bustling of the city life.

Well, have you ever asked someone to go hike with you? This might be a perfect chance to date her! This is a superb idea to know her more!

Asking someone to go out for a hike as a form of a date does not only give affection to both partners, it also serves as an unwind from the busy life in the city. Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle through hiking, enjoyment will likely to be observed in the faces of a couple.

You also have the chance to talk to your date the whole day than having dinner with them for a couple of hours. This is a perfect venue for romantic getaways.

Surrounded by a lot of beautiful sceneries, breathtaking views of the mother nature, and the windy breeze of the mountain, your partner will surely enjoy the day with you. This is a good sign. Enjoying a day with a date is a starting point of having a well-founded relationship. In addition, your relationship as dates will increase to a more clearer status

It is true that hiking or climbing a mountain brings people together. This insight is applicable especially if it’s your first date. Remember, in every first, there should be a good impression left. There should be a splendid result at the end of the day.

Upon arriving at the peak, you might want to set up a picnic overlooking a breathtaking view of the mountain. This is the time you’ll be more intimate with your actions. Cherish the time while it lasts! This is also a perfect setting for a sunset viewing if you wish to stay the whole day. How romantic would that be?

If you have plans to have a camp, then you have a lot of gestures to be done as your first date. Given the scenario it’s cold (of course it’s cold at night in the mountains!), this is your chance to hug her and feel a warm embrace. Women love warmth so much that doing this is an evidence of a perfect start.

Beach Adventure

She loves the beach. She loves adventure.

Asking someone to go for a swim is thrilling and exciting. Whilst a lot of possible activities can be done on the beach, it is also a perfect getaway to escape reality and be fancy with a woman.

Diving in the reefs, Snorkeling, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Whale Watching, Para Sailing, Jet Ski, and Kayaking. These are some ways you can cherish your stay on the beach.

Say, you’ve decided diving in the reefs. It would be more special if you’re diving with your date holding hands while having a perfect view of nature under the sea.

Surfing is exciting and interesting for women. Teaching them is a good act you can do to have that good intimacy. But, make sure you know how to surf, if not, you can hire a trainer to teach the both of you. Learning together can be considered romantic too!

Chilling by the beach is another way of having fun with your date. The beach is a perfect haven for a perfect relaxation. It is a great escapade for a wondrous date.

Enjoying the day on a beach with your date is a chance for you to be romantic. This is one of the best romantic getaways to choose. With a lot of ocean adventures you can do in a day, you’ll surely be satisfied and without regrets.

You will be amazed with the underwater activities and no monotonous seconds will likely to happen. This is perhaps the best way to have a memorable first date.

Why not consider foreign dating?



Waking up in the morning with someone to greet you sweetly is something most people want. You want to find that special someone but don’t know how?

Dating for a couple of times, still, no improvement? What to do? Why not delve into foreign dating sites?Why not consider foreign dating?

Each day, hundreds of men and women dive in online dating. Why is this so? Because they can’t find the right one for them. Because they’re having a lot of trouble in expressing themselves properly. Because the ratio of male to female is not balanced.

Foreign dating is suddenly a new real option. They find more contentment in accessing the online dating world. They find more acceptance in dating with foreign men and women. It may sound intimidating, but the outcome is gratifying and exceptional.

With foreign dating allowing you to meet singles online all over the world proves helpful in your hunt for love. This is much more observed in getting involved with foreigners. Overall, this is a real escape for someone who has been longing for an unwavering companionship. This is proven to be realistic and legitimate.


Dating Tips


Beautiful couple in a restaurantWith a lot of dating advice flooding the internet, sometimes we get too overwhelmed on what to do and what to follow. Yes, it is very expedient to have a successful first date that’s why we delve into the web for guides and resources.

For your convenience, here are some ways or tips on how to make a good impression on your date.

Dress Appropriately.

Dressing appropriately for your first date is as important as attending a job interview. This really matters. Remember that what you wear reflects what kind of person you are. If you wear with elegance, that means you are a respected or a responsible person. If you wear something more chill, that means you are an outgoing person. This affects the first impression of your date. Whether it’s a date in a restaurant, hiking, movie dates, or in a sports affair, choosing the best outfit to wear is something you should consider. Why is this so? Well, if you are trying to show that you are a great catch, then this should be of great importance. But make sure what you wear fits to where you’re going. Perhaps, nobody wears a hiking shorts or boots in a romantic restaurant, right? Or wears a “tuxedo” when hiking on the first date. This is very applicable to both men and women. Remember to dress appropriately.

“I don’t care. You decide. Whatever is fine”.

This suits mostly for girls. There are a lot of instances wherein a couple argues just because of someone’s trait of not being decisive. Say a guy asked you for a date. Eventually, you said “YES”. Then he asked you where do you want to go, you said the famous line, “I don’t care. You decide. Wherever is fine”. Then you meet and went into this place. But he noticed you are acting like you don’t like the place, that you don’t go to such place. Now, you sunken the good-to-be mood. Where’s the justice? Here’s another example: You went into this beautiful restaurant; everything’s seems so good already. Then the waiter came and asked for your order. Eventually, being a gentleman, he asked you first what you want to eat, then again you said the famous line, “I don’t care. You decide. Whatever is fine”. So respecting what you said, he ordered this and this. When the food was set up already, you told him you don’t eat such. Now the atmosphere became blurry. What a fail on your date. Choosing to be verbal on what you want allows your partner to know your decisive and interesting side. This will increase your relationship status and boost your confidence to each other. Remember to speak up if being asked about your preference. This involves choosing a place to go or even the food you enjoy eating. If you speak up, what a wonderful date would that be! Remember to fit well.

Chivalry is not dead.

Gentlemen as it is. Yes, on every first date being a gentleman is a must for guys. This is a very pleasing way on how to make a good impression to the ladies. In dating, acting like you respect your partner is as important as respecting your guardians. This will also show what kind of man you are. This will show that you are a reliable and a responsible person. With a lot of stories being heard worldwide, chivalry is often tagged as dead already. But in a much clearer sense, it is still alive! This aspect is what made a man known to ladies, in short, this is who they are. This action might not be shown in a prince charming type, still, the act is there whether it is poorly executed or overacted. Remember: fit well.

Focus on your purpose.

Let’s accept the fact that after a date something might come up between a couple. It could be a nightstand or a casual hook up. Yes, in our society it is already acceptable. It is acceptable but in every date lies an expectation of a firmer relationship. While there a lot of purposes in a date, let’s not forget the real thing expected to such action. This is to have a serious relationship or having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Focusing on your purpose helps you have a vision of clearer and brighter future as companions. Focusing on your purpose helps you attain what you’ve been looking for which is to end your single life, have a successful marriage in your timetable. Focusing on your purpose helps you have a soulful, emotional, happy date. Please do not think about having a make out after each date, yes some guys love doing this but remember your purpose. Once you set your eyes to your purpose, you will have a great impression on the girls. This makes you lovable also. This is one advice you could fully consider with a lot of dating advice waving on the internet. Remember to fit well.






If it’s worth it. Fight for it.

People often say there’s no such thing as forever. Couples break-up and people give up. But love actually lasts if you make it last. It depends on how a person handles a relationship.


When you’re in a relationship, you always have to meet halfway with your partner. Learn how to give and take. Keep in mind that it’s a two-way process. You know what they say, it takes two to tango. In other words, think about your partner too.


The problem with some people, they stop doing the things to get them once they have them. Just because you’ve been together for a long time, doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing the things you did before. BE CONSISTENT! Open the door for her, make your partner smile and take your partner on a date.


Show him you love him/her by doing something special once in a while. Cook for your partner, ask how his/her day went. Remind your partner everyday that you love him/her


Honesty should always be present in a relationship. Tell him/her why you’re mad. Tell him/her if you’re pissed off. Being open will also help you know each other more.


Don’t let your pride take over. Say sorry IF IT’S YOUR FAULT. Talk things over and don’t go to sleep mad at each other.


Listen to what your partner has to say. Learn to listen to each other’s side of the story and try to understand and prevent miscommunication.

Lastly, what it takes to get someone is EFFORT and what it takes to keep someone is EFFORT.


Relationships don’t have to end if both of you will try.

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